Cardea Bio graphene CRISPR-chip being loaded

Cardea combined with CRISPR enables amplification-free digital genomics

Cardea Bio Inc. and Nanosens Innovations Inc., Keck Graduate Institute and UC Berkeley detect two deleted DMD exons in 15 minutes down to 1.7 fM sensitivity We are currently living in an exciting time in molecular diagnostics, as the fields of chemical fluorescence, optics, electronics, microfluidics, biochemistry, genomics and nanofabrication […]

Dr. John Charles NASA at #AGBT19

Space travel to Mars at #AGBT19

An unusual presentation by a recently-retired NASA scientist Dr. John Charles shares an unusual and highly entertaining presentation entitled “From here to Mars: How the Twins Study and the year-long ISS mission have moved us closer to the red planet” The agenda of AGBT runs a wide range of topics, […]

The world’s first complete chromosome sequence at #AGBT19

NGHRI’s Dr. Adam Phillippy presents a remarkable dataset – the telomere-to-telomere assembly of a complete human X chromosome When the completion of the Human Genome Project was announced on June 6, 2002, President Bill Clinton said the following: We are here to celebrate the completion of the first survey of […]

The full x-chromosome map

The Long Read Club at #AGBT19

A Wellcome Trust supported effort, The Long Read Club seeks to resurrect a time-honored tradition: protocol development After a long 5 days away from home and work and the routines that surround it, attending AGBT (and likewise other major conferences) is a tremendous amount of work. I was teasing a […]