A minor change to the Next Generation Technologist Blog

Five years and seven months ago (March 2012) the Next Generation Technologist blog had a set of four goals: An outlet to educate A place to build connections A forum to discuss A spot where the author can gain experience with web technology I can say that over this time […]

SlipChip technology for digital PCR

Executive “TL;DR” Summary: An interesting platform called SlipChip with potential point-of-care applications, for fast and potentially very inexpensive digital PCR Update: This work has been recently published (Oct 2017) in Science Translational Medicine. While at the recent Next Generation Diagnostics Summit (organized by the Cambridge Healthtech Institute and held in […]

Quanterix SR-Plex benchtop single-molecule digital detection technology

What will you do with 1000-fold improvement in sensitivity over standard immunoassays? What about 100-fold improvement in sensitivity over Luminex ones? The 1990’s were an exciting times in science. The Human Genome Project had published their first five-year plan (and thought then the human genome had 100,000 genes instead of […]

A door opens at Pillar Biosciences

“Amateurs focus on identifying their weakness and improving them. Professionals focus on their strengths and on finding people who are strong where they are weak.” Shane Parrish, Farnham Street Blog I am happy to announce today that I have joined Pillar Biosciences in Natick MA. (For those not familiar with […]

What being unemployed taught me 1

“Keep working no matter what happens If things are good, keep working. If things are bad, keep working.” Moby (American singer-songwriter) I am happy to say that my stint of being in-between employers has come to an end. (Details will be forthcoming.) I’d like to say now (in that period […]

One door closes, another one will open

A two-year stint at SeraCare comes to an end A little over two years ago I wrote a post called ‘One door opens, and another door closes’ about my moving from Life Technologies / Thermo Fisher Scientific over to a small in-vitro diagnostic controls and reference material company SeraCare Life Sciences. […]

Cancer immunotherapy combination trials and a failure of the free market

What happens when commercial interests do not align? Over a decade ago in 2002 when Novartis announced it was moving its global headquarters to Boston MA, it was viewed at the time that the United State’s pharmaceutical market was the most robust and attractive, and it made sense for Novartis […]

PD-L1 Immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy and a clinical trial dilemma

There is a numbers problem, and a biomarker one as well. Annually the worldwide cancer drug market is on the order of $110 Billion, and individual immuno-oncology drugs cost the US healthcare system on the order of $100K to $150K per year. With such large financial incentives, there are currently over 900 […]