The BioCartis Idylla real-time PCR for MDx

For long-time readers of this blog (and come to think of it, this blog started as a hobby in 2013 so take the term ‘long-time’ with a grain of salt) I want to thank you for finding something valuable here, and for the encouraging feedback I’ve received again and again. […]

Photo of Idylla cartridge with optical disk visible

Slide showing improvement of the false-positive rate from FFPE

QIAGEN’s GeneReader at AMP 2015

“We are lucky to live in this era, before and after NGS; once technology hits (the clinical lab), it is here to stay.” (Panelist at QIAGEN reception, November 4 2015) A week and a half ago, it was the International Congress of Genomics 10 in Shenzhen, China and the BGISEQ-500; […]

BGISEQ-500 Debuts at the International Congress of Genomics 10

The International Congress of Genomics 10 is a conference held annually in Shenzhen, China where BGI is headquartered. Largely attended by life science researchers in China, the invited speakers will have a natural connection to the genetics and genomics community in China, in particular Huanming Yuan. And over the past […]

Ping An Financial Center, set to be the 4th tallest building in 2016

Cepheid's GeneXpert Omni, unveiled at the 2015 AACC Conference

New Cepheid GeneXpert Omni at #AACC2015

With my recent transition to the clinical market segment with SeraCare, their majorĀ  conference for the year is the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. With some 20,000 attendees, and several hundred vendors filling the Atlanta Convention Center, there were a number of interesting real-time instruments shown. I’ll start with the […]

SeraCare Precision Oncology

This post is about Seracare’s new direction for Precision Medicine (in particular Precision Oncology), and the launch of a new product the Seraseq Solid Tumor Mutation Mix-I (AF20). But I’ll start first with a story from my days at Illumina. It was ten years ago this week that I last […]

Seracare precision medicine ngs control reference material seraseq mutation mix


One door opens, and another door closes

One way the world of work has changed with the advent of social media has been the immediacy and intimacy of information. Immediate, as the ability to push ‘tweet’ or ‘publish’ sends your message or blog post out into the vast reaches of electronic communication; and intimate, as social media […]


Complete human diplotypes & Google X Life Sciences podcast

Theral Timpson produces a weekly podcast at, and in his latest edition he interviews me about Google X Life Sciences (I wrote about them before here), long-read sequencing (in particular Pacific Biosciences) which then I’m able to discuss the value of complete human diploid sequencing, and my involvement with […]