Ion Torrent PGM

Happiness is getting more of what you want, in RNA-Seq as in other things... 1
There are several commercial methods for looking at 10’s or 100’s of gene expression levels via a high throughput TaqMan™ assay from Life Technologies / Thermo Fisher Scientific, a competitive offering from Roche, Douglas Scientific, or also Fluidigm. The limitation of these technologies however is the amount of multiplexing a […]

Targeted RNA Sequencing Approaches

Notebook cover from AGBT 2009 (c) Dale Yuzuki 5
Recently I was asked about how important readlengths are, in the context of where MiSeq and Ion Torrent PGM currently stand in the marketplace. As the 454 advertisement used to say until recently, ‘Length Matters’. Given a number of recent announcements from Ion Torrent and the other folks in San […]

Readlengths do matter in Next Generation Sequencing