Ion Torrent Proton

Revised version of a PII and NextSeq 500 comparison chart 2
Yesterday’s Ion Torrent Proton PII™ and Illumina NextSeq 500™ post certainly got a reaction from several quarters, including detailed pricing information about the 1x75bp format for the high-throughput configuration on the consumables. Instead of making edits to the original here are some clarifying points, as it is clear that Illumina […]

Some clarifications about Ion Torrent PII and NextSeq 500

Happiness is getting more of what you want, in RNA-Seq as in other things... 1
There are several commercial methods for looking at 10’s or 100’s of gene expression levels via a high throughput TaqMan™ assay from Life Technologies / Thermo Fisher Scientific, a competitive offering from Roche, Douglas Scientific, or also Fluidigm. The limitation of these technologies however is the amount of multiplexing a […]

Targeted RNA Sequencing Approaches