You can outsource just about anything

From specialty development, laboratory automation, and even IVD approval there options that abound Here at Advances in Genome Biology and Technology 2019 (#AGB19) you come across plenty of companies new and old. On one floor of the exhibitor suites I counted 17 companies, and on the second floor there were […]

Dolomite Bio single-cell Nadia Instrument

Dolomite Bio – Drop-Seq for single-cell genomics

A commercial platform for droplet genomics Once upon a time Fluidigm had a single-system called the C1. Okay, it was back in September of 2013 that I wrote about it here; reading what I wrote way back then over five years ago there are newer and improved SMARTer cDNA kits […]

SeqOnce’s RhinoSeq: 40 minute single-vial WGS or WES library preparation

There may still be room in NGS for innovation in workflow A few years ago Illumina’s Scientific Affairs team put together a gigantic wall-poster of all the different types of library preparation methods for next-generation sequencing (NGS). Today there are no less than three posters (one for DNA, one for […]

SeqOnce RhinoSeq - a fast 40 minute workflow

List of applications on the Nabsys 2.0 HD-Mapping Platform

Nabsys 2.0 Single Molecule Mapping

Structural variation in genomics is a challenging task. To detect inversions, large deletions (by ‘large’ this is generally defined to be anything more than 50 bases or so), large insertions, and translocations in the genome takes a lot of creative alignment algorithms and hard work. Also you need to orthogonally […]

#AGBT19 Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Preview

This year for the first time in three years the annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology conference (#AGBT19) will be held back in Marco Island Florida, where it traditionally was held for many years. Those not familiar with AGBT, it is a specialty conference that began in the 1990’s […]

#AGBT19 Advances in Genome Biology and Technology

DNAfeed – AI-assisted Genetic Counseling on-demand

Pharmacogenetics, cancer genetics, cardiac genetics, WGS… AI-aided genetic counseling for healthcare organizations and genetic testing companies Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining in the popular consciousness. Last week, the White House announced The American AI Initiative with new investment, government AI R&D resources opened up, establishing AI governance and emphasizing education […]

Looking for new circulating biomarker signals with new technology

Here at the American Society for Human Genetics (#ASHG18) it has been several years since I’ve attended. The exhibit hall is as large as ever, plenty of new firms in DTC (Direct To Consumer) genomics, bioinformatics, and other technical feats are out in full-force. The new Singlera website is now […]

Detecting cancer four years before conventional diagnosis

Announcing a big move for Dale affecting his family, his employer, his colleagues, and his friends Note: This article originally appeared on LinkedIn. The magic wand of early detection Several years ago at a meeting with sales management, someone asked a provocative question: “If you had a magic wand, what […]