#AGBT19 Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Preview

This year for the first time in three years the annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology conference (#AGBT19) will be held back in Marco Island Florida, where it traditionally was held for many years. Those not familiar with AGBT, it is a specialty conference that began in the 1990’s […]

#AGBT19 Advances in Genome Biology and Technology

DNAfeed – AI-assisted Genetic Counseling on-demand

Pharmacogenetics, cancer genetics, cardiac genetics, WGS… AI-aided genetic counseling for healthcare organizations and genetic testing companies Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining in the popular consciousness. Last week, the White House announced The American AI Initiative with new investment, government AI R&D resources opened up, establishing AI governance and emphasizing education […]

Looking for new circulating biomarker signals with new technology

Here at the American Society for Human Genetics (#ASHG18) it has been several years since I’ve attended. The exhibit hall is as large as ever, plenty of new firms in DTC (Direct To Consumer) genomics, bioinformatics, and other technical feats are out in full-force. The new Singlera website is now […]

Detecting cancer four years before conventional diagnosis

Announcing a big move for Dale affecting his family, his employer, his colleagues, and his friends Note: This article originally appeared on LinkedIn. The magic wand of early detection Several years ago at a meeting with sales management, someone asked a provocative question: “If you had a magic wand, what […]

The next leap in Personalized Medicine will be advances in sensor technology like Cardea

Can a graphene biosensor company like Cardea Biosciences play a role in making P4 medicine (predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory medicine) a reality? Lee Hood’s vision for P4 medicine It was about six years ago I attended a Personalized Healthcare conference at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia, where Leroy […]

The Agile R100 handheld reader

Two Pore Guys Artist Rendition, kindly provided by 2PG

Two Pore Guys single-molecule diagnostic platform update

Two Pore Guys (2PG) has come a long way in a little over 18 months Background of Two Pore Guys At the recent Next Generation Diagnostics Conference in Washington DC (#NGDx18) Two Pore Guys had a nice exhibit where I had the privilege of meeting Tyler Shropshire Ph.D., their Sr. […]

Observations from American Association for Cancer Research 2018 #AACR18

It is something of a tradition for me to give some reviews of notable presentations from past AACR conferences. For example, here’s one that I did while at SeraCare for #AACR16, here’s one from #AACR15, and another one here from #AACR14. (Briefly looking for highlights from 2017, well it looks like […]

Google Artificial Intelligence for Pathology

The Pillar Post Pillar Biosciences

Learning content marketing and The Pillar Post

The world of content marketing is an ever-changing experience. A bit of history A few years ago it was a full-time effort to conduct video interviews, write blog posts, and help the sales team in other ways at Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Genetic Systems Division. (You can see some of that […]