NanoString’s Hyb & Seq single-molecule sequencing platform at AGBT 2017 2

Last year at Advances in Genome Technology and Biology, NanoString’s Joe Beechem presented their proof-of-concept work around a new single-molecule sequencing technology that had fulfilled a long-lived goal going back many years: sequencing by hybridization. (By the way, if you are interested here’s a 1994 paper by Lee Hood and Rade […]

Advances in genomic clinical applications

Genomic medicine will occur when research becomes translated into clinical and reduced to practice. Years ago Eric Green, the Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute (and one of the two organizers of the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology conference) would often talk about the need to make […]

Advances in Genome Technology

Many times the fun of AGBT is the advances in genome technology If you have attended Advances in Genome Biology and Technology in the past, sometimes there is amazing technology presented in a plenary session. Who can forget Stephen Turner’s electrifying talk in 2009’s meeting, complete with fireworks on the […]

The importance of data sharing 2

David Haussler (UC Santa Cruz): “Every clinician should be able to compare their genome to others.” Here at the first plenary session at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology 2016, there is a mix of the strange and the familiar. Strange, in that we are not in Marco Island […]

The BioCartis Idylla real-time PCR for MDx 1

For long-time readers of this blog (and come to think of it, this blog started as a hobby in 2013 so take the term ‘long-time’ with a grain of salt) I want to thank you for finding something valuable here, and for the encouraging feedback I’ve received again and again. […]

QIAGEN’s GeneReader at AMP 2015

“We are lucky to live in this era, before and after NGS; once technology hits (the clinical lab), it is here to stay.” (Panelist at QIAGEN reception, November 4 2015) A week and a half ago, it was the International Congress of Genomics 10 in Shenzhen, China and the BGISEQ-500; […]

BGISEQ-500 Debuts at the International Congress of Genomics 10

The International Congress of Genomics 10 is a conference held annually in Shenzhen, China where BGI is headquartered. Largely attended by life science researchers in China, the invited speakers will have a natural connection to the genetics and genomics community in China, in particular Huanming Yuan. And over the past […]

New Cepheid GeneXpert Omni at #AACC2015

With my recent transition to the clinical market segment with SeraCare, their major  conference for the year is the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. With some 20,000 attendees, and several hundred vendors filling the Atlanta Convention Center, there were a number of interesting real-time instruments shown. I’ll start with the […]