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Revised version of a PII and NextSeq 500 comparison chart 2
Yesterday’s Ion Torrent Proton PII™ and Illumina NextSeq 500™ post certainly got a reaction from several quarters, including detailed pricing information about the 1x75bp format for the high-throughput configuration on the consumables. Instead of making edits to the original here are some clarifying points, as it is clear that Illumina […]

Some clarifications about Ion Torrent PII and NextSeq 500

Notebook cover from AGBT 2009 (c) Dale Yuzuki 5
Recently I was asked about how important readlengths are, in the context of where MiSeq and Ion Torrent PGM currently stand in the marketplace. As the 454 advertisement used to say until recently, ‘Length Matters’. Given a number of recent announcements from Ion Torrent and the other folks in San […]

Readlengths do matter in Next Generation Sequencing

Jonathan Rothberg showing off the just-announced Ion Chef for automated library creation, template preparation and chip loading 1
A Life Technologies-sponsored 2-day conference called Ion World 2012 kicked off yesterday afternoon, with Jonathan Rothberg founder of Ion Torrent, Tim Triche of the Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles, Joe Boland of the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics at the National Cancer Institute, Shawn Levy of Hudson-Alpha Biotechnology Institute, […]

The Ion Chef, Avalanche, and a 1.2 B sensor PIII ...

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After preparation of the library (and careful quantitation) and preparation of the amplified template comes the main event: the sequencing itself. While there are several methods available, the methods can be divided into three broad divisions. The three divisions are (firstly) Pyrophosphate Release (named for the original patent by Mostafa […]

Next Generation Sequencing – Sequencing by Pyrophosphate Release