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I like hearing from recruiters, and can say that not only because they are salespeople and I am a salesperson at heart. They can be a critical source of difficult to find information, such as their ‘people network’ as well as which employer is looking for which type of talent. […]

Career Advice and Executive Recruiters

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This week is the last week of a financial quarter. Phones go unanswered, emails get put off, conference calls are rescheduled, and for many years (when I ‘carried a bag’), there would be a nervous pit in my stomach. So it goes in sales. There are tremendous benefits into going […]

A crazy time four times a year – the end ...

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(You can follow this blog with Bloglovin here.) I had been a life science reagents and equipment consumer for about 10 years, and have now been on the sales and marketing and technical support side of the same market for another 1112 years. Here are four reasons why I enjoy […]

Why I enjoy selling into the Life Science marketplace