Complete human diplotypes & Google X Life Sciences podcast

PodcastTheral Timpson produces a weekly podcast at, and in his latest edition he interviews me about Google X Life Sciences (I wrote about them before here), long-read sequencing (in particular Pacific Biosciences) which then I’m able to discuss the value of complete human diploid sequencing, and my involvement with the Behind the Bench blog.

It is produced with a ‘Charle-Rose’ style, and he let me get ‘deep into the weeds’ in terms of technical detail. I normally don’t listen every week, especially if it is a corporate type. He usually has CEOs, nothing against CEOs but even if they are scientists their job is focused on the business and its related topics (sometimes the product, other times the market), and will also have research scientists on. It his in this area where I believe there’s an audience.

Anyway having this interview was a good experience, to summarize where we are in 2015 on a number of topics.

Here’s the link to the podcast – 22 minutes of audio to keep you entertained while to cook, do errands, rake leaves (this is where I listen to podcasts) or exercise.

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