Fundamentals of Next Generation Sequencing

Here is a handy list of ‘fundamentals of next-generation sequencing’ posts I wrote way back in 2012, that are as useful today as it was when it was written, for those just starting out.

And for good measure I’ve included third-generation methods (single-molecule sequencing) and a few posts about the technologies in that area.

Lastly targeted selection, and the importance of phasing, which will become increasingly important. (Note to self – write up 10x Genomics once I speak with a real-world user.)

Next-Generation Sequencing – its historical context

Next Generation Sequencing – A Few Fundamental Concepts

Next Generation Sequencing – Library Preparation

Next Generation Sequencing – Template Preparation

Next Generation Sequencing – Sequencing by Pyrophosphate Release

Next Generation Sequencing – Sequencing by Reversible Terminators

What’s so special about single molecule sequencing?

Oxford Nanopore, the first nanopore-based sequencing technology

Single Molecule Sequencing – Pacific Biosciences and their method

An Overview of NGS Targeted Selection Methods and Marketplace

Complete Genomics’ Long Fragment Read Technology and Haplotype Phasing