One door closes, another one will open

A two-year stint at SeraCare comes to an end

A little over two years ago I wrote a post called ‘One door opens, and another door closes’¬†about my moving from Life Technologies / Thermo Fisher Scientific over to a small in-vitro diagnostic controls and reference material company SeraCare Life Sciences. As of Friday (July 28 2017), my services for SeraCare are no longer needed.

I’m happy to say there was a lot accomplished in a short time: development and launch of SeraCare’s first precision medicine product into the marketplace, the Seraseq Solid Tumor Mutation Mix-I, a purified DNA used for precise allele frequency ‘ground truth’ for NGS oncology assays. Shortly thereafter, we launched novel ctDNA synthetic plasma and FFPE Fusion RNA reference material products, and then saw all three products (purified DNA mixes, fusion RNAs and circulating tumor DNAs) go through second ‘v2’ iterations. Partnerships with TOMA Biosciences and NIST were formed, a new corporate blog called Genomic Precision launched, Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) engaged and a multitude of product collateral produced (presentation slides, product sheets, technical notes, application notes and the like).

As a sales and marketing professional making the transition from the research NGS market to the clinical genomics market, these markets are still being formed; we are in the initial years of a major migration to much more sophisticated, multi-technology, multi-analyte tests across the disease spectrum, from cancer to inherited disease to neonatal disease to rare disease and to infectious disease. I’m convinced that I’ll be involved in some way with genomics and the wider world of life sciences in the clinical arena, to improve patient care.

If you know of a life science company that may need the kind of marketing help I may be able to offer, do put them in touch with me. I’m fine with taking on smaller, temporary projects for specific content / whitepaper needs. If you know of an open position in sales, marketing, business development, or content marketing do put them in touch with me. If you know me and would like to catch up, feel free to reach out. My email address is dale at yuzuki dot org.

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A sales and marketing professional in the life sciences research-tools area, Dale currently is employed by SeqOnce Biosciences as their Director of Business Development. For additional biographical information, please see my LinkedIn profile here: and also find me on Twitter @DaleYuzuki.

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