The Long Read Club at #AGBT19

A Wellcome Trust supported effort, The Long Read Club seeks to resurrect a time-honored tradition: protocol development After a long 5 days away from home and work and the routines that surround it, attending AGBT (and likewise other major conferences) is a tremendous amount of work. I was teasing a […]

MGI Closes out #AGBT19 with a MGISEQ-T7 splash 1

According to one thought-leader, it was the highlight of Advances of Genome Biology and Technology 2019 in Marco Island FL Way back in 1997 Craig Venter and Daniel Cohen (co-founder of Millenium Pharmaceuticals, among other things) wrote an essay entitled ‘The Century of Biology’. Here we are a little under […]

The age of mRNA isoform discovery at #AGBT19

Single-cell isoforms from long-reads take the stage at the Advances for Genome Biology and Technology, along with structural variation and better reference genomes. Underlying all these advances is better long-read technology from Pacific Biosciences and Oxford Nanopore. Thinking a little further about the overarching theme of this year’s Advances in […]

Illustration of Nanostring's GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiling technology

The early days of spatial genomics at #AGBT19

At #AGBT19 there is a palpable movement from dissociated single cells to single cells in situ Every year at the Advances of Genome Biology and Technology you can see what the future holds. When long-read sequencing was introduced in 2011, people here at AGBT19 are still talking about that Pacific […]

You can outsource just about anything

From specialty development, laboratory automation, and even IVD approval there options that abound Here at Advances in Genome Biology and Technology 2019 (#AGB19) you come across plenty of companies new and old. On one floor of the exhibitor suites I counted 17 companies, and on the second floor there were […]

Dolomite Bio single-cell Nadia Instrument

Dolomite Bio – Drop-Seq for single-cell genomics

A commercial platform for droplet genomics Once upon a time Fluidigm had a single-system called the C1. Okay, it was back in September of 2013 that I wrote about it here; reading what I wrote way back then over five years ago there are newer and improved SMARTer cDNA kits […]

SeqOnce’s RhinoSeq: 40 minute single-vial WGS or WES library preparation

There may still be room in NGS for innovation in workflow A few years ago Illumina’s Scientific Affairs team put together a gigantic wall-poster of all the different types of library preparation methods for next-generation sequencing (NGS). Today there are no less than three posters (one for DNA, one for […]

SeqOnce RhinoSeq - a fast 40 minute workflow

List of applications on the Nabsys 2.0 HD-Mapping Platform

Nabsys 2.0 Single Molecule Mapping

Structural variation in genomics is a challenging task. To detect inversions, large deletions (by ‘large’ this is generally defined to be anything more than 50 bases or so), large insertions, and translocations in the genome takes a lot of creative alignment algorithms and hard work. Also you need to orthogonally […]