Is there room for 90 providers of genomics software? 2

“Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend”, Mao once said during the Revolutionary Days of 1957. Now in the middle of a genomics revolution, it feels that way in the market for genomics software to analyze next-generation sequencing data. New companies are being formed, large […]

Error, alignment, and the myth of the complete genome

The myth of the complete genome is something that is not commonly known to active observers of genomic technologies. (The term ‘active observer’ is from the point of view of one with varying degrees of background in the biological sciences, and is in noway an aspersion.) The ‘first draft’ of […]

High School biology students and Genomics

Over the past few years I’ve been interested in contributing back to the community I live in, but as a busy father-of-three (ages 3 to 9) there just isn’t the ability to ‘cold-call’ a local high-school and volunteer. That is, until a family vacation took us to Colonial Williamsburg VA¬†and […]