RT @RichardEngel: Dancing and singing in tahrir bec of local tv report morsi put under house arrest. NO confirmation. http://t.co/gHMQhux3…

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This just in - Thermo Life Technology Bid Said to Exceed $75 Per Share, Aim for Premarket Deal - Bloomberg http://t.co/QGmuu4YYAt

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I'm now reading: 101 Companies Rocking Social Media http://t.co/1KhUn1AESC via @HubSpot

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I'm a Top 5% Influencer with an Elite @Kred Score of 743! See what your #Kred Score is at http://t.co/oVI9OVvc

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Genetic counseling: helping people understand genetic facts, make informed decisions | BrandeisNOW http://t.co/yibaelFs

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At ESHG, Radboud University Team Reports High Diagnostic Yield for Exome Sequencing - using @LifeTech 5500xl http://t.co/1Metk5PI

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I've just claimed my @PeerIndex profile, check it out http://t.co/Wh28Op7e

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Comparing America's cities in 1978 to 2010: major trends http://t.co/ffmsvw4R

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Qiagen Acquires Intelligent Bio-Systems, Maps Out Sequencing Strategy http://t.co/nBJSMq2f #NGS #Sequencing

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Life Tech Launches Wildfire to Expand Capacity of 5500, Positions System for Exome, RNA Sequencing http://t.co/EnGzvL8x

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Cool technology. UBC Team Uses Ion's AmpliSeq Cancer Panel to Find Rare Mutation in Pediatric Brain Tumor http://t.co/pbqT71ei

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Not sure what to make of this other than 'keep on Tweeting'. @Klout score is 30. Improved by 7 pts over the past 30d http://t.co/OSdqpZan

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How Social Is Business-to-Business? Interesting infographic about the numbers. http://t.co/5eyVDQ6o

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India’s Mindblowing Well Of Death http://t.co/3XqVyWpK via @PBHNetwork

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Saw this last week - only a 12-person startup! A Machine That Sniffs Out Cancer http://t.co/ASbeuZP5 via @BW

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Just what is "Next Generation Technologist" about anyway? - http://t.co/3WFdHeo0 Check it out, and subscribe via email. Will update soon!

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