IvyGene is an early detection test from a company LAM in Irvine CA; The chairman of LAM, Kang Zhang, comes under sc… https://t.co/wX0y6SoNE2

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Comparison of Biomarker Modalities for Predicting Response to PD-1/PD-L1 Checkpoint Blockade: A Systematic Review a… https://t.co/C72vaF9NvM

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Microbiome therapeutics go small molecule | Nature Rev Drug Disc https://t.co/n79Nphbxa4

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Has humanity reached ‘peak intelligence’? | BBC https://t.co/I6wvS6uAFk

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PD-1 Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and Immune-Related Adverse Events | JAMA Oncol https://t.co/c1aKCMAHLm

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Banned Chinese Security Cameras Are Almost Impossible to Remove https://t.co/wCZpioXBXh

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The 3D genome | Nature Collection https://t.co/Bc9WCMxl0w

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Google’s Manual Interventions in Search Results – Mike Wacker – Medium https://t.co/u7IBg1vmLu

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Fighting Theranos Charges, Holmes Blames Advocacy Journalism | Bloomberg https://t.co/76igaNDph7

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Advances in Liquid Biopsies AACR Special Conference Jan 13-16 2020 Miami FL https://t.co/P6Fmu6IhxK

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Vaccine no match against flu bug that popped up near end | ABC News https://t.co/MmvHgO8Hre

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Take a shot to eliminate 6 cancers caused by HPV- STAT https://t.co/L8WppCpWjk

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Xconomy: Broad, Berkeley Return to Argue CRISPR Invention at Patent Office https://t.co/RloICK5vsc

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Xconomy: Sequencing Firm Adaptive's $300M IPO Comes With Pharma Ambitions https://t.co/9XnX3tVtWX https://t.co/O91hESpwkR

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Biggest College Regrets - Compensation Research | Payscale https://t.co/uTOgtlKr4T

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Accuracy of Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Melanoma | JAMA Oncology https://t.co/NqOO10TWTb

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Top 10 institutions for life sciences in 2018 | Nature https://t.co/xkmLmx1diW

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How a Dystopian Will Smith Movie Was Turned Into a Real-Life Nightmare | Slate https://t.co/IAdfnxDLoU

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Millions of Business Listings on Google Maps Are Fake—and Google Profits | WSJ ($) https://t.co/mRIunMf8DU

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What if AI in health care is the next asbestos? - STAT https://t.co/fRdInOVk2C

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The labyrinth of product development and regulatory approvals in liquid biopsy diagnostics - Goodsaid - Clinical an… https://t.co/ej30PvN0pQ

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Your Focus Is Priceless. Stop Giving It Away. – Forge https://t.co/nzvZFiJbUY

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Envisioning DNA as Photons, Broad Team Turns Sequencers Into Microscopes | GenomeWeb $ https://t.co/czNgETWfGF DNA… https://t.co/Rt1Q5MZGR5

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Has the Genome Granted Our Wish Yet? | NEJM https://t.co/AnseRG2Wnr

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Saga Diagnostics Raises $4.2M | GenomeWeb https://t.co/L6i5NADkXc

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Theranos: Theranos' initial pitch deck - $500K VC investment turned into $10B. | Chagency https://t.co/lj1sdgo2tr

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Something to check out (and perhaps to send to a dad you know): The Daily Dad https://t.co/n9lfNomJtd

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GE Ventures Is In Trouble & Looking For A Buyer For Its 100+ Startups | CleanTechnica https://t.co/xp4F1uWc1h Found… https://t.co/4Sqxlp

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Truth: A Love Story - there are three sides to every story—yours, mine, and the truth—and no one is lying. | Harvar… https://t.co/z8SXZe051L

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Grail finds a new CEO in former Juno chief Hans Bishop | Fierce Biotech https://t.co/N9xKYMmDQc

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Maker Faire halts operations and lays off all staff – TechCrunch https://t.co/XxlqCZfYwU :( Sad to see this.

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RNA sequence analysis reveals macroscopic somatic clonal expansion across normal tissues | AAAS/Science https://t.co/Sbgh2fiCyM

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Tumor Mutation Burden—From Hopes to Doubts | JAMA Oncol (OA) https://t.co/atHofvM3Y2

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TAPUR Study Investigators Report First Positive Findings, Pursuing Tissue-Agnostic Cohorts | GenomeWeb $ https://t.co/ei3K6CI3gc

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Meet Thrive: The New Kid on the Liquid Biopsy Block | MDDi Online https://t.co/wynWpCIQmH

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Annual Report to the Nation 2019: National Cancer Statistics https://t.co/WMlTqlXG87

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Cancer-fighting data company Tempus raises another $200 million, making it one of Chicago’s highest valued startups https://t.co/8OJkBZEk3i

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Sysmex Inostics OncoBEAM-EGFR digital PCR liquid biopsy demonstrates two-fold higher detection of p.T790M mutations… https://t.co/AUyTiVf3ru

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Interested in how digital PCR is used to analyze circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) as a liquid biopsy for early respons… https://t.co/75SMeVNBtd

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Silicon Valley's health-tech start-ups need to stop getting in so much trouble | MSN https://t.co/Mtie04orFW

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Pacific Biosciences Q1 Revenues Fall 15 Percent | GenomeWeb https://t.co/4Rsb4FHbgn

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Understanding NGS Library Complexity: Sources of Sequencing Errors & Limits of Detection - SeqOnce https://t.co/RWTbpTcnH8

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NeoGenomics Ordered to Pay Health Discovery $6.6M| GenomeWeb https://t.co/V7DYsk02HG

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